Private & Remote Classes

After a little modification, the 5 week Eat Move Live Program – Remote Version is ready! Five private coaching and accountability sessions for a period of 5 weeks. These sessions will be via video chat or, if you are old-school, by phone. This is how it works:

  • After you sign up for the workshop, I will send your first set of “Homework” via email file. Read everything and fill out the questions so we can get a clear vision of what your goals are.
  • Within a few days I will contact you to discuss your goals, help you put together a plan of action and schedule your next meetings. The three main areas of discussion each week will be diet, exercise, and emotional stress (and how it affects you physically).
  • Next, we chat once per week for up to 1 hour. I will answer any questions you may have and make sure you are taking all the necessary steps toward reaching your goals. Don’t worry, if you need me between sessions, just contact me via text or email.
  • You will also receive personalized video and email homework with actions to assist you, step by step, forming new habits that will bring you closer to your goal. These “baby steps” are crucial to your success.

There are no excuses! Don’t subconsciously steal energy and motivation during one of the most stressful times in our generation. Instead, let’s turn it into a chance to grow and gain strength! We have been given a gift – to be able to stop and take a look at ourselves, what we want to change, and actually do something about it!. 50% off until May 1!  Only $180.

Online support with personalized care plans, accountability, and education has become the new normal. 

Online support makes it easier for me to spend more time aligning with the exact reason I got it into natural healthcare. It allows me to focus more on supporting you and your wellness goals.

If you are currently a client, you have the option of remote visits that allow you to have your questions and concerns answered, between appointments, from the comfort of your own home through a secure online video chat. Not a client? Schedule your first massage now.

Early intervention can eliminate the need for unnecessary medication, surgery, or extensive imaging tests. Delaying treatment could mean additional expenses and prolonged pain. Request an appointment remotely++ through a secure online video chat today and start feeling better tomorrow.

What you can expect:

  • I will create an at-home treatment plan, including exercises with HD videos. All the stretches and exercises adapted to your individual needs. 
  • You can easily print, download, or view your plan through your secure online portal. And the best thing, it’s REALLY EASY!
  • You have the option of 30 or 60-minute virtual therapy sessions. 
  • The best part is, we can integrate your regular massage therapy sessions with the online support program!

To make the most of your virtual appointment:

  • Make a list of all the questions that you may have beforehand.
  • Ensure that your camera is on and that you are allowing video.  
  • Connect your device to a stable internet connection. 
  • Look to connect ~5 min before your appointment. 
  • You will need to move around during your session, so make sure you have space. 
  • The more relaxed you are in your surroundings, the better the outcome of the meeting will be.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement. 

I am excited to start down this new path of care with you. Thirty or sixty-minute online self-care sessions will start at $25. Your personalized treatment plan is included, and online booking is available!

Our most popular class: The Prenatal Massage & Comfort Measures class provides an expanded opportunity for couples to explore massage as a natural pain relief method for pregnancy and childbirth.  Whether you are planning to have a medicated or natural birth, this class will bring ease and comfort to your pregnancy, labor and birth. Partners will learn new ways to approach the birth experience with less fear, and more joy.   In this 2-hour, fun, relaxing and interactive class, couples will learn and practice several strategies for comfort during pregnancy and aiding in the progression of labor and birth.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.  Class participants are encouraged to bring 2 bed pillows, a hand or bath towel, a birth ball and a water bottle to class.
The cost of this private 2 hour class is $150 at the office of Jewly Warren Birth Doula, 1415 Plainfield NE Ste. #200, Grand Rapids, MI, 49505.