Hands-On Labor Support If you’re contemplating hiring a doula to support you in labor, consider a massage doula. I have experience working with pregnant and laboring women as a Doula, Functional Nutrition Coach and as a Massage Therapist. I don’t just attend your labor, you get it all: From the time you need me (from early pregnancy to postpartum)I provide emotional, physical, educational, support, AND you’ll have an experienced massage therapist on call. Massage in labor is an art form, with an emphasis on flexibility. Often doing one thing during contractions, and another between them. It will entirely depend on what works for you in the moment, and I absolutely love guiding partners to find their own confidence in supporting you.

Basic Massage Doula Package Includes but not limited to:

  • Prenatal Visits Help with creation of birth & support plans
  • Mini childbirth education, includes discussion of birth, postpartum, and baby care options
  • Functional Nurtrition Counseling throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Individualized plan for birth positions & breathing patterns Includes one 60-minute Prenatal Massage
  • Continuous Labor Support Emotional & physical support, including massage therapy
  • Guidance for primary support people in how best to support you!
  • In-Home Postpartum Follow-Up
  • General check in Lactation support
  • Birth story processing, and referrals if needed
  • Plus, I’m Available Via Phone, Text, Zoom, or Email, Any time.

To best serve each client, I limit my number of labor doula clients each month. If you are interested in having me attend your birth, please contact me with your due date and intended place of birth. I serve the Grand Rapids area. Below are some hospitals I travel to:

St. Marys – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Spectrum Health – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Metro Health Hospital – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Spectrum Health – Big Rapids, Michigan

Whether you are planning for a vaginal birth or a cesarean, you want an epidural, a home birth, or plan to have your baby at the hospital, continuous birth support can make a difference! My goal is for you to receive the personalized support you deserve.

As your Doula, I will help make your birth experience as positive and healthy as possible. When you hire me as your Doula, you get my years of experience as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Functional Nutrition Counselor, Breastfeeding Consultant, Functional Nutrition Counselor and Licensed Massage Therapist. I am also a Mom and Grandma!

Remote Doula Service

Remote Doula Service is perfect for couples who prefer to pay a lesser fee or who simply want to or must go it alone.  Like my in-person Doula Care, I’ll be on-call for you two-weeks prior to and two-weeks after your approximate due date.

When you’re in labor or if your water breaks, my remote presence is continuous. You may contact me whenever you need it and as often as you like. I’ll listen, assess and give you feedback whether it’s answers to questions or encouragement.

I’ll be keeping track of your progress on paper so that each conversation is noted. Reviewing your time-line will help me determine your optimal time to leave for Hospital or Birth-Center.

Once you’re in Hospital/Birth-Center, continue to inform me of your progress, protocol and suggestions of Medical Staff, some of which, (particularly in Hospital) may sound confusing. I’ll consider their medical perspective, and we will discuss your options, weigh the pros and cons,  so you can make informed decisions.

This remote support is as effective as my being in your presence minus my “hands-on,” however, your partner will have learned Massage techniques in my classes. With Skype, I can easily demonstrate reminders, over the phone. If you will not be having a partner in the room, I will also include in the prenatal massage class – self-massage and comfort techniques.

Remote Doula provides 1 on 1, personalized, and evidence-based pregnancy advice from a highly qualified massage doula.  From everyday pregnancy challenges to emotional support Remote Massage Doula can help!

Remote Support Includes:

  • Initial consultation via phone/video call
  • 1-2 prenatal planning sessions (video or phone calls)- to discuss birth history & birth plan options. I will educate you on how to create a safe birth space and advise on how to advocate for yourself. 
  • Unlimited call/text/email support until 1 month postpartum
  • Access to our private Client Community Forum
  • 24-hour on-call birth support from 38-42 weeks gestation (phone/video call)
  • Virtual Labor support (continuous or intermittent as appropriate)
  • Phone or video calls as needed during labor and birth. I will answer questions, offer encouragement, give suggestions for labor progression, advise ways to create a positive birth atmosphere, and give guidance as you make your decisions.
  • Up to 2 hours initial Postpartum support as desired (phone/video call)
  • 2 postpartum video calls) – 1-4 weeks after birth, discuss your birth experience, evaluate breastfeeding progress, adjustment postpartum, address additional needs.