“Jewly was able to find answers in what I was eating, how I was eating, and control the stress that was so much a part of my stomach issues. Food was just a part of this journey. Learning to manage my stress was just as important and made a difference for all of my issues. All these things, along with tweaking my food intake – based on the journaling and finding foods I am allergic/sensitive to, have made all the difference for my health. I highly recommend Jewly for both Nutritional Counseling and massage. I feel both have helped heal me, and I feel so much healthier after this journey with her. Thank you Jewly for all your help and compassion!”

– Lori

“Jewly made my labor and delivery experience. The support she provided to my husband and I was phenomenal, we wouldn’t have made it through as well as we did without her. When things got complicated with baby having shoulder dystocia, Jewly provided emotional support to my husband and made sure we were taken care of. Everyone is safe and healthy and Jewlys support helped to ensure this positive outcome.”

-Allison and David

Jewly has been my trusted massage therapist for two years. She is heart- driven, easy to talk to, and thorough in both procedures and educating on the reasons behind them. She’s amazing!

– Tiffany Snyder

My husband and I hired Jewly at the end of my pregnancy after my doctors started pushing for an induction. She was immensely helpful during our entire labor process with discussing our options, giving us ideas for staying active and helping the labor progress, and providing counter-pressure and other pain management techniques. I couldn’t have had my natural birth without her.

-Hillary and Aaron