Do you feel you have tried everything and still are not at the level of health you desire? No matter how severe your health issues are, or where you are, I am here to help you.

I have studied the Functional Nutrition Alliance Program. I focus on how your body is working, not feeling. This is how we can get ahead of the problem and manage it for good. Our goal is to work from two foundational truths:

(1) You are unique. So why would a one size fits all approach work? Your physiology, and symptoms, are the way they are today because of factors singular to you. You are an individual with a specific history, body, and lifestyle. I will work with all of these factors to create a custom-made plan for you.

(2)There are likely many root causes of your symptoms. To get lasting results, must address them all. There is no magic pill, protocol, or fad that will help you get well. We can’t fit your symptoms into a one-size-fits-all formula.

There is one simple reason many doctors refer their patients to me. I am able to take the time to get to know what is truly going on inside your body and resolve it in a way that that fits into your lifestyle and your budget. If you are hesitant because you feel that you have been everywhere and tried everything, don’t worry. Just like my massage and doula services, I work with those that are the highest risk or We will work together to find your unique resolution and I will be there every step of the way to reaching your wellness goals.

I help provide solutions and shed new light on situations that may have been overlooked without continuous care. Your physician has a vantage point of the whole terrain. Yet, it may not be practical for them to tend to every detail in your therapeutic plan.

That’s where I come in! I help bridge the gap between physician and patient to yield more significant and sustainable outcomes. I use my technical training to see the web of interactions in the body with diet and Lifestyle modifications. Then we make a practical plan for true and lasting wellness.

Not in Grand Rapids? I am available via zoom or phone.

Functional Nutrition counseling in-person or online at your convenience.

“For the past eight months, I have met with Jewly to work on my lifetime of stomach issues. It had gotten much worse with the Covid pandemic of 2020, so I decided to ask Jewly to help me get this under control.

We started with journaling, and Jewly found answers in what I was eating, how I was eating, to getting control of the stress that was so much a part of my issues. In the beginning, we met weekly to get a handle on controlling my bathroom visits and hot flashes that were causing so many problems for me.

Food was just a part of this journey. Learning to manage my stress was just as important and has really made a difference for all my issues. All these things, including finding foods I am allergic/sensitive to have made all the difference for my health issues.

If you have any unresolved health issues at all, I highly recommend Jewly for nutritional counseling and body massage. I feel both have helped heal me, and I feel so much healthier after this journey with her.

Thank you Jewly for all your help and compassion through this past year!”